We believe that Italy is home to some of the finest craftsmen in the world. We make it our business to share them and their handiwork with the world. We run a marketplace for products made by artisans, artists, professionals and small businesses, with just one rule: everything has to be made in Italy. In our store, you will find clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, furniture, home decor, photography, and some truly unique gift ideas.

It is our aim to become the most extensive delivery platform for hand-crafted Italian products anywhere in the world. The tradition of excellent Italian art and craftsmanship goes back centuries. When most people think of the Renaissance, they think of Italy, and with good reason. We’re not quite ready to suggest today’s craftsmen and women are the next Michelangelo or Botticelli, but we know you’ll find the craftsmanship and artistic measure of their work to be of the highest caliber.

Should you be an artist or craftsman making quality products in Italy, we would love the chance to show your work off to the rest of the world. Italian craftsmen make some of the world’s most beautiful things. Let’s show the world what we’ve got.